• 2024-5-8

    GDA4.11 Update

    1. Fixed the bug that the right-click menu can't display the frida menu.
    2. Fixed the bug that code blocks are lost during TRY-CATCH structure restoration. #154
    3. Fixed the bug that API cross-reference results are incomplete.
    4. Fixed the bug that the reference method could not be automatically located in the smali code.
    5. Fixed the bug that clicking on the taskbar icon could not be minimized.
    6. Fixed the issue that the search results of combinations with string.
    7. Fixed the out-of-bounds crash when locating string search results.

  • 2023-9-8

    GDA4.10 Update

    1. Fix the issue of incorrect method icons in search results.
    2. Fix the bug of null search result in binary search.
    3. Optimize the preview of binary search results.
    4. Fix the issue of incorrect position of top button.
    5. Enhanced XML decoding capabilities.
    6. Fix the issue of multithreading deadlock.

  • 2023-8-31

    GDA4.09 Update

    1. Fix the issue of condition reversal when there are more than 3 consecutive conditions.
    2. Added resource search, supporting resource ID and name search.
    3. Add the extraction of referenced resource information and add resource cross-reference and double-click viewing functions.
    4. Fix variable name errors caused by register references.
    5. Fix a bug in the array initialization decompiling code
    6. Fix the bug of length calculation errors during string editing.
    7. Fix the issue where method codes of the interface are not displayed.#142
    8. Enhanced decoding ability of XML.
    9. Added topping and restoration for the package trees.
    10. Add code export function.#141
    11. Improved and expanded search functionality, optimized search algorithms.#140
    12. Fixed a series of crash bugs.

  • 2023-7-10

    GDA4.08 Update

    Bugs fix and Optimizations:
    1. Optimized the rules for automatic renaming.
    2. Enhanced compatibility for irregular/adversarial DEX files.
    3. Optimized code exporting, fixed multithreading deadlock issue, greatly improving code export speed #136
    4. Fix the bug of logical errors caused by loop header
    5. Optimize the taint propagation engine, further improving the analysis speed.
    6. Fix the bug of losing focus for selecting all in the searching and the limitation of search length #137
    7. Optimize invalid jump labels.
    8. Fix the bug of losing some code blocks.
    9. Fix the issue of inability to operate strings in smali code.
    10. Enhanced decompression library to bypass anti-decompression tech.
    New features:
    1. Implement a lightweight SMAI compiler to edit and patch instructions by input smali code.
    2. Add automatic code prompt function for smali code editing.
    3. Automatically writing the DEX file back to APK.
    5. Implement automatic signature and installation of APK files.
    6. Add smali code rollback function (CTR+Z).
    7. Add junk instruction removal function, providing NOP direct filling and NOP folding function.
    8. Implement junk instruction removal through broad-spectrum matching rules.